Outdoor Bug Control
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This treatment is for one-time special events like outdoor weddings, barbecues, family reunions, etc. Have your guests walking away talking about how awesome it was and not discussing how the mosquitoes were so terrible.  A wedding party should be focused on the task at hand, getting the newlyweds through a flawless ceremony, not getting eaten alive or slathering on bug spray!  With the help of NoSquitoes you can have the event go off without a hitch and we are more than happy to eliminate that one pesky nuisance so you can focus on what is really important that day. All prices are backed by our price match guarantee - if you get a better quote somewhere else we will match it dollar for dollar.


NoSquitoes will arrive at your event location in advance of the big day.  We will utilize our one of a kind Barrier Control Treatment to ensure that neither you nor your guest will be suffering from bites and unsightly itches.  The treatment will adhere fully to the vegetation around the event in just 30 minutes and be ready for people to file in, food to be prepared, vows to be made, and dances to be had.

Beautiful wedding cerremony in forest.

Special Event Treatment Pricing

Price is dependent on size of location.

One-time Service:

Starting as low as $49 for 1/4 acre

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