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At NoSquitoes this is the most common form of treatment requested.  We offer this service as both a onetime service and seasonal plan with introductory rates starting at $24 for first time customers. Contact us today to get a quote for a Protection Plan for the entire season of control treatments.  It is highly recommended that barrier control treatments are performed every 21 days for optimum results.  With the Seasonal Plan our customers will receive 1 – 2 free treatments depending on the length of the mosquito season! All prices are backed by our price match guarantee - if you get a better quote somewhere else we will match it dollar for dollar.


When our technicians arrive at a property for this service they will immediately assess the property for habitats conducive to mosquito larvae growth and adult mosquito survival.  This will allow the technician to focus the barrier treatment in the proper areas.  The technicians will then put together a property report outlining opportunities within the property that can be improved to achieve the most thorough and complete mosquito control level.


This form of treatment uses a synthetic compound called Pyrethroids which mimics the effects of Pyrethrins.  Pyrethrins is a synthetic compound derived from a species of chrysanthemums.  Pyrethroids may also be found in pet sprays, shampoos, lice treatments that are applied to human scalp, and mosquito repellents that can be applied to clothes.  This standard barrier treatment is also effective against many other pests including ticks, fleas, stinkbugs, some flies, and more.



Barrier Control Treatment Pricing

Price is dependent on size of yard.

One-time Service:

Introductory rates starting at $24 for first time customers

Seasonal Plan:

Call to get your quote for a seasonal plan

Receive up to two FREE sprays with our Seasonal Plan!

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Our services may be scheduled at any time that is convenient to you whether you are home or away! As long as your property is readily accessible our technicians will ensure that the service is completed and leave notice that it has been done.