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A typical treatment will last 21 days, at which time our technicians will be back out to treat your yard again. This timeline may vary based on the agreed upon treatment plan for each customer.
Ideally it is recommended that the product has approximately 24 hours to become fully water resistant. We try within reason to get yards treated if the threat of rain is at least 2 hours out. If for some reason the rain has an impact on your treatment and your pesky pests return, have no fear, your treatment is backed by our NoSquitoes guarantee! If you are bit we will be back for free!
As a rule of thumb our technicians are trained to identify problem areas on each property and focus on spraying those areas at each property. Typically, mosquitoes do not seek shelter in the grass, especially in the heat of the day. They are looking for cool areas to keep cool and maintain moisture. The typical habitat for an adult mosquito would include shrubs, foliage, window sills, decks, shaded areas, etc.

In some cases, there are going to be exceptions to this rule. If we are asked to treat for insects other than mosquitoes, such as fleas or ticks, or if there are long grassy areas which would require our attention to ensure adequate results for each customer we would adjust our treatment areas.

Absolutely! We utilize three different products when treating a property. The first we offer is an all-natural organic treatment which is garlic based and must be applied more frequently to achieve optimal results.

The second and most popular product used during treatments is a pyrethroid. Pyrethroids are a synthetic derivative of pyrethrins; various types and levels of pyrethroids are found in most common household insecticides, shampoos, and various pet applicants. Pyrethrins are made using Chrysanthemum Flowers which have been known to have insecticidal properties for centuries. The pyrethroid product we use is EPA rated and deemed safe for any mammal, bird, etc. that may encounter it.

The third product is utilized as needed no matter which treatment option a customer decides to choose. It is a granule larvicide which is also registered with the EPA and is deemed safe for use in any water from ponds, puddles, sewers or gutters all the way to watering troughs and other water sources that live stock or other animals may frequent.

We do typically request that all pets and people are not in the yard while treating to avoid direct aerial contact with products being sprayed and that they do not return to the treated area for at least 30 minutes to give the product time to dry and settle.
Yes, a standard barrier treatment will not only impact mosquito populations, but also fleas, ticks, flies and some other insects. The active ingredient found in our product may be found in many other products used for pet shampoos, lice treatments, and other medicines used on pets.
There is! We offer a 100% organic solution which utilizes garlic juice as the main active ingredient. This product is a mosquito repellent and lacks the ability to decimate populations of mosquitoes. This all-natural repellent also must be applied more frequently for maximum effectiveness as it is not as water resistant or UV resistant as our synthetic option. The recommended treatment for this product is every 14 days for maximum protection.
The service provided by the city is one of the least effective ways to treat for mosquitoes and furthermore ineffective in mosquito control in your yard. The range of which the treatments would have effect is narrow, along the roadside, and will only have an impact on mosquitoes flying at the time of the fog being airborne. There is no lasting impact.

The treatments you will receive throughout the season with NoSquitoes is far more effective on your property because we treat on the property, it is concentrated on areas where mosquitoes seek shelter throughout the hot daytime hours, and is far safer for the environment since we are using a mist with equipment that allows for a more targeted approach focusing on problem areas.

The short answer is no. We only offer exterior pest control services, but our treatments can have an impact on pests that frequent your home.

The synthetic product we use is hazardous for fish so our company will not spray into bodies of water, creeks, streams, etc. Although our product will not have an impact on your pool we train our technicians to avoid the pool as much as possible when treating. Spraying water would not have an impact on adult mosquito populations anyway, which is why we offer our larvicide for situations where you may have standing water, ponds, etc. where eggs and larvae may be found. Those areas will be treated and prevent mosquitoes from hatching.

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